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    Advantages and Disadvantage of Consuming Juicing for Weight Loss Purpose

    If you are trying to lose weight you must have come across hundreds of diet plans during your research which will include a good amount of those which involve consumption of juices. These juices are not the packaged ones that you find at a store but the fresh, healthy juices you make at home with the help of your juicer. The new trend in the juicing world nowadays is the cold pressed juice which is extracted using a slow juicer. The point is to keep maximum nutrients and antioxidants intact in the juice. Anyways, if you are thinking of starting a juice diet for losing some weight, you need to first look into the pros and cons it offers. To help you make up your mind about juices, we have put together a list of advantages and disadvantages juices have to offer when consumed for losing weight. Here they are:

    Advantages of juices for weight loss:

    1.Keeps your stomach full:

    The usual diet plan involve 2 to 3 days of a juice-only diet which will help start off the actual diet plan. However, you shouldn’t go more than 3 days on a juice-only diet to keep your plan safe and healthy. Juices are a good way of consuming all the essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables while also keeping your stomach full for a while to ward off the cravings for junk food.

    2.Easier way of consuming vegetables:

    Most people aren’t so fond of consuming vegetables in their original form and are more likely to have it when served to them in a glass of juice. Gulping down a glass of juice even if it does not taste so great is much easier than munching a bunch of vegetables. So the diet plans that involve eating a plate of salad for lunch can be replaced by a glass of juice with all those vegetables present in it.

    Disadvantages of juices for weight loss:

    1.Cannot be continued for long:

    A juice diet cannot be kept up for a long duration. So if you do see yourself thinner in the mirror while you are on the juice diet, be prepared to go back to your normal self when you resume your normal diet.

    2.It is expensive:

    Since the juices remove all the fibers in the fruits and vegetables, a lot of the produce goes to waste. This means you will require more fruits and vegetables to produce a drink of juice than you would have consumed in their original form. This means eating a bunch of vegetables will be more cost effective than making a juice out of them. In order to get a perfect slow juicer that can help you in weight loss. click coldpressjuicer.net/commercial-cold-press-juicer/.

    3.Lack of protein:

    Fruits and vegetables are although rich in nutrients, they contain little or no protein. If you are on a juice-only diet for long, your body will be deprived of this highly essential nutrient.

    Looking at all the pros and cons it is evident that although juices are highly beneficial, living entirely on juices can be a problem. For a healthy diet, consume a good amount of juices along with a couple of additional healthy meals.